Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many sections are there per year group?

    • FS1 – 3 Sections
    • FS2 – 6 Sections
    • Year 1 – 7 Sections
    • Year 2 – 7 Sections
    • Year 3 – 7 Sections
    • Year 4 – 5 Sections
    • Year 5 – 5 Sections
    • Year 6 – 4 Sections
  • What are the class sizes for each year group?

    • FS1, FS 2, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 – 22 students
    • Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 – 27 students
  • What are the school hours?

    • FS1 – 7.30am to 12.30pm Daily
    • FS2 – 7.30am to 2.00pm Sunday to Wednesday
    • Year 1 to Year 6 – 7.30am to 2.15pm Sunday to Wednesday
    • FS2 – 7.30am to 1.00pm Thursdays
    • Year 1 to Year 6 – 7.30am to 1.15pm Thursdays
  • What is the total capacity of the school?

    1200 Students

  • When do the extra-curricular activities start?

    • Year 1 to Year 6 - Daily from 2.30 to 3.30pm (Thursdays 1.30 to 2.30pm) 
    • FS2 children can choose one paid and one non-paid activity from Term 3
    • Hamilton Aquatics runs Sunday to Tuesdays from 4.00pm
  • What extra-curricular activities do you offer?

    Click here to see all of our ECAs

  • What additional activities/trips can the children get involved in?

    Students in each year group will enjoy one external trip per term. Camping trips take place for years 3 to 6 and are provided by our external professional partner - EcoVentures. Theatre shows are organised by professional external providers and school performances are organised by excellent Performing Arts department. Our talented swimming, football and netball squads regularly compete against other schools in Dubai.

  • What type of assessments are used?

    • CAT4 and Progress Test assessments for Year 1 – Year 6
    • Stay and Play sessions for FS children
  • What languages are available and when do the children start a language?

    Arabic begins in FS2 twice per week before increasing to three times per week from Year 1 onwards. French is available from Year 1 once per week.

  • What is the provision for SEN children?

    GEMS Wellington Primary School has a dedicated Inclusion Team, which includes a fulltime counsellor and a full time ‘English Language Learner’ specialist teacher. We have dedicated rooms for our inclusion lessons to support the needs of all our learners and full time Learning Support Assistants to meet specific individual needs of children on a one-to-one basis 

    We also have inclusive support through mainstream lessons with Individual Education Plans for students of determination and targeted withdrawal sessions for support with Individual Education Plans.

    Finally, we enable partnerships with external agencies to provide therapy support on-site, where required.

  • Who is the Principal and how long have they been at the school and within GEMS?

    Sarah O’ Regan has been with the GEMS Education and GEMS Wellington brands for over 10 years. Sarah has led GEMS Wellington through nine KHDA inspections and two British Schools Overseas inspections rated Outstanding. She is an innovative, forward-thinking leader with highly effective communication skills who aims to empower and motivate all stakeholders in achieving the GEMS Wellington Primary School shared vision.

  • When is the school inspected by KHDA?

    GEMS Wellington Primary School is inspected annually by KHDA and by BSO (British Schools Oversees) every four years.

  • What are the main facilities?

    • Modern, fully equipped dance studio
    • Newly furbished, well-equipped library
    • Multi-purpose sports hall/auditorium
    • Astroturf pitch
    • FS/Year 1 swimming pool
    • Year 2 – Year 6 swimming pool
    • Three music rooms
    • Two private music tutorial rooms
    • Prayer room
    • Dedicated S.T.E.A.M room
    • Science laboratory
  • How will the school prepare the children for Higher Education/University across the world?

    We work closely with Year 6 parents for the transition to secondary school; this includes an annual Year 7 roadshow event providing parent’s information for GEMS schools and curriculum options for secondary school. We have a unique partnership with our three Wellington sister schools and our students are guaranteed a place at these schools.

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