Our Alumni have proven to be inspiring, intellectual and ethical. They are reaching their full potential after a strong foundation through GEMS Wellington Primary School. Following our ‘We Care for Each Other’ and the GEMS Jewels of Kindness and Respect behaviours, our alumni are setting examples across the UAE and globally.

What Some Of Our Alumni Have To Say

  • At WPS, I was always given the opportunity to challenge myself to progress above what was expected of me and thanks to that, I have been able to continue to push myself independently in secondary school. The praise that I received at WPS motivated me to excel and reach where I am today.


    Lucija Amizic

  • My time at Wellington Primary was perhaps the most enriching stage of my life. I remember thoroughly enjoying every year of my time at the school. My time at WPS undoubtedly presented me with lasting friendships and a host of fond memories to look back to - with a tinge of nostalgia. Wellington Primary School helps to develop all aspects of the students’ life: Social, Moral and academic. I believe this is vital in order to succeed in the ever-changing world of the future.


    Tithira Wijayathilaka

  • WPS not only does an amazing job at teaching and going the extra mile for their students but I believe no other primary school could have prepared its pupils for the next chapter of what we call middle school. WPS was like a second home to me, and I'm more than happy to know that all the current pupils are also part of this community.


    Jude Elfadil

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