Matthew Stoutt

Head of Physical Education

I began my teaching career in 2009 at a secondary school in West Yorkshire, UK. My first post was as a Mathematics and Physical Education teacher. In 2011, I embarked on a new challenge at the American International School in Abu Dhabi, where I spent four years teaching and as Head of Physical Education. I also coached football for the Manchester United Soccer School. In 2015, I moved to Dubai to teach at GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail, where I spent a memorable 3 years teaching PE and Swimming across the school, in addition to being a year leader. I began my journey at GEMS Wellington Primary School back in 2018, becoming Head of Physical Education in September 2019.

I consider myself to be a well-presented, ambitious and enthusiastic individual. Through various work and life experiences I have developed excellent interpersonal skills, which I employ in my teaching style and when leading the WPS PE team. My personal achievements include working in the United States for summers directing and coaching at football camps across Ohio and California, climbing the Mardi Himal summit in Nepal and representing the British Territorial Army National Football team in Germany.

I am inspired by numerous people I have had the opportunity to meet and have had the privilege to have worked alongside. They all share similar values, core beliefs and very high standards. As a leader and educator I firmly believe team collaboration, effective communication, empathy and a strong work ethic, which are all key areas to strive for to achieve great things.

I recognise the importance of Physical Education at WPS to be a vital element in a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum. PE is not simply about providing physically gifted students with the opportunity to excel, but to provide all students; no matter how talented they are, regardless their background or mindset, the chance to experience activities that will assist their pursuit of sports and foster a love of physical activity. That is why at WPS we have ECA’s and squads to accommodate and encourage all levels of participation.

It is our duty as teachers to provide a varied PE curriculum to aid children’s personal and social development as well as the progression of skills, techniques and understanding of sports in the lessons we deliver. I strongly believe that Physical Education can be significant in facilitating and aiding the development throughout all aspects of their childhood. Enabling students to function more prominently in their community and providing them with key social skills necessary for future life experiences.

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