Stacey Bradwell

Inclusion Lead

With remote learning now solidified as a staple of the education world, our teachers and inclusion teams are working harder than anyone to ensure that those students with additional requirements are still thought about, cared for and educated to the highest levels. Here, we learn about how the Inclusion Team at GEMS Wellington Primary School are shaking things up to help our students. We spoke to Inclusion lead, Stacey Bradwell…

Tell us about your background in education

My career started in the UK in 2004, firstly working in a residential setting, then as a SENCO in small infant school in the countryside before managing a special needs nursery within a children’s centre.  My family and I moved to Dubai in 2012, coming to work for GEMS as an inclusion and ELL teacher across different year groups.  In 2016 I moved to Switzerland to lead the inclusion department there, before returning to Dubai in 2018.

What needs to be considered during remote-learning to continue inclusion and well-being?

The happiness of our students is at the forefront of everything that we do.  Our team are working hard on providing individualised support for the children and the parents to ensure that everyone is accessing schooling at a level that is appropriate for them.  We run a variety of different support session including small group and 1:1 lessons.

What makes Inclusion at WPS so effective?

We work well as a team and have different strengths and backgrounds which helps in putting the right support in place.  Every child is an individual and as such the support is very tailor made to what works at that time. As a team, working with external agencies, parents and the class teacher, we continually review and adapt provision and practice.

What is the one tip you would give to parents to assist with inclusion at home?

Stay calm and do what you can! As a parent myself I understand the challenges of trying to work with your child at home. Break things down into smaller tasks, find different ways to learn and above all keep it fun.  You can learn so much through everyday activities such as counting out plates for dinner, reading the instructions to bake a cake or learning about capacity in the paddling pool.  Learning is an everyday experience and for many parents they don’t realise the power of just doing simple things.

What would you say is your teaching mantra/ethos?

A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.  Teaching is much more than just delivering a lesson and working with Students of Determination has opened my eyes to different challenges that the families face and how valuable every little bit of support is to them.

What would you list as your teaching achievements?

Achieving my National Award for Special Needs Coordination in 2016, studying whilst teaching full time, was a challenge but one which opened the door to my job in Switzerland and now at WPS.

Who inspires you now?

Every teacher in the world who is determined to continue making a difference to those children who depend on us, whether that is in a classroom or at the moment through distance learning. I admire the resilience and creativity of teachers and am constantly inspired to improve my own practice.

Assistant Head of Inclusion

Stacey is an experienced SEND teacher across all year groups, with 14 years of experience in both UK and International Schools. 

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