Vision, Mission & Values


At GEMS Wellington Primary School we aim to provide a safe learning community with high expectations for all our learners in every aspect of school life. As a reflective and evaluative school, we prepare learners for an ever-evolving world. 


With a genuine commitment to our core values, and partnership with parents, we provide a world-class, active learning environment, inspiring learners to develop intellectually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically.




Growing By Learning

Pursuing Excellence

Leading Through Innovation 


Global Citizenship

At WPS, we believe students’ education should be fun and practical in order to allow them to learn

GEMS Wellington Primary School has earned an ‘Outstanding’ rating in all categories of the British Overseas Inspection Report (BSO)

WPS students challenge convention through an innovative learning experience that empowers them as learners. Our teachers are committed to providing an education that places an emphasis on creativity and critical-thinking

We enhance our students’ social and emotional development and provide a comprehensive extra-curricular programme; ensuring that our students are optimally prepared for their next step to senior school

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