Transfer Certificate

A Transfer Certificate is a requirement by the Ministry of Education

Every student is required by UAE Ministry of Education Law to produce a transfer certificate from their last school. This is strictly enforced and failure to produce a properly completed certificate, or a legally binding undertaking to produce all the necessary documentation, will result in your child's place being withdrawn. Please discuss your child's transfer certificate requirements with the Registrar as your country of origin and last school is taken into consideration, whether the transfer is within the UAE or internationally to another country.

The Certificate must be on official school letterhead and must contain the following information:

  • Full name of the child
  • Date of enrolment in the school
  • Child's date of birth
  • Date the child left the school
  • Grade / Class on leaving the school
  • School stamp and signature of the Principal
  • Curriculum used

Note: Children coming from countries other than United States, Australia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand should have the original Transfer Certificate (TC) attested by:

  • Ministry of Education (from country of TC origin)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (from the country of TC origin)
  • UAE Embassy (from the country of TC origin)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Dubai)

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