Primary Curriculum

Key Stage 1

After completing the Foundation Stage, children enter Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2). Effective transition between Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 is vital for the stability and development of the children, therefore, strategies are put in place to ensure this is as successful as possible. 

Georgina Bradley

Assistant Principal - Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1

Meet The Assistant Principal - Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1

"In Key Stage 1, learning opportunities are planned through a year group theme incorporating the objectives for the National Curriculum of England. This allows for children to apply their knowledge and skills in real life contexts, develop and form relationships and encourage children’s enthusiasm for learning.  We want our students to be inquisitive; to enquire and to investigate."


Explore the Key Stage 1 Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

In Key Stage 1, we gradually move from ‘Development Matters’ and the seven areas of learning into the National Curriculum as well as Arabic (both for native and non-native speakers) and Islamic Studies (for our Muslim children). In Year 1, we have developed the curriculum to allow opportunities for children to access continuous provision to allow them to further develop their skills building on their starting points from the Foundation Stage. 

The curriculum for Key Stage 1 is designed to stimulate curiosity and engage children in their learning by making learning meaningful and relevant to the world around them. We aim to provide the best possible learning opportunities to meet the needs of all learners. Our highly trained teachers promote active learning based upon a student-centered curriculum where every child will make the best possible progress. Teachers skillfully use data to ensure each child makes progress based on their starting point and provide personalised learning opportunities. 

We have full time Teaching Assistants in all Key Stage 1 classrooms to ensure all children have the opportunity to access all aspects of the curriculum and achieve their full potential.

  • Curriculum Delivery

    In Key Stage 1, each term children focus their work around a ‘theme’, incorporating the core subjects of English, Maths and Science alongside History, Geography, Art, Technology and Computing as well as Social Studies. It is through this cross-curricular approach that teachers skillfully provide opportunities for children to make connections between the subjects and begin to develop their problem solving skills.

    Our highly trained teachers provide engaging and challenging learning environments both within their classrooms and through the use of all of our communal facilities. Children benefit from learning in our state of the art STEAM and Art studios, Science Laboratory, Library, Computing suites, Dance studio, Music recording spaces, Swimming Pool and Sports Courts.  

    The curriculum is further enhanced through skills-based projects, investigations, author and specialist visitors to school and class trips each term. Events such as National and International Days, STEAM week and Book Week provide an opportunity for children to enhance their understanding of the diversity in the world around them and to apply their knowledge through a range of varied, holistic learning experiences.

  • Specialist Teachers

    To ensure our students receive the highest standard of education, they are taught by their class teacher alongside subject specialist teachers:

    Core Subjects – Taught by Class Teachers:




    Social Studies

    Moral Education



    Specialist Teachers:

    Physical Education





  • Curriculum By Subject


Learning Gears

In Key Stage 1, children are introduced to our WPS Learning Gears, these key skills that are taught alongside transferable concepts providing children with opportunities to be independent, collaborate with their peers and develop their critical thinking. 


  • What languages are offered?

    In Key Stage 1, children build on their basic Arabic skills from the Foundation Stage and begin to learn French as a second language. 

  • What subjects are taught by specialist teachers?

    GEMS Wellington Primary School has a dedicated group of specialist teachers who are fully qualified and experienced in delivery their specific subject. 

    In Key Stage 1, children have one core PE session each week and 1 swimming lesson. They also have 1 Music and French lesson each week. The children also benefit from 3-4 Arabic lessons each week, depending on if the children are studying Arabic as a second language or as their native mother tongue. Muslim students receive an Islamic lesson twice per week.

  • How long are break times? 

    Morning break is 30 minutes in total with 15 minutes playing time and 15 minutes snack time. Afternoon break is 45 minutes in total with 20 minutes play time and 25 minutes snack time. 

  • How much homework is given? 

    In Key Stage 1, each week children learn a poem of the week, this builds on their reading, speaking and listening skills acquired in FS. Children are given a leveled reading book to read and enjoy, they also receive a set of spellings to learn. Teachers will also assign children an interactive Maths activity using an online platform.  

  • How do I communicate with the teacher? 

    Parents receive a weekly newsletter from their child’s class teacher, they have a class Twitter account that the teacher uses to share the children’s learning or communicate any messages. In addition, parents have the class teacher’s email address, which they can use to communicate with the class teacher directly and to make any appointments. 

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