Student Care and Support

GEMS Wellington Primary School works in line with the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework (2017) and incorporates good-working practice in line with legislation such as the:

  • UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol, Federal Law 2006 (29) (English/Arabic) concerning the Rights of People of Determination
  • Law No. (2) of 2014 (English/Arabic) concerning the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Emirate of Dubai
  • Executive Council Resolution No. (2) of 2017 (English/Arabic) Regulating Private Schools in the Emirate of Dubai
  • Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework (DIEPF 2017) (English/Arabic)
  • Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Implementation 2019 (English/Arabic)
  • KHDA Inclusive Education Directives 2020 (English/Arabic)
  • Revised Categorisation Framework for Students of Determination (2019-2020) (English/Arabic)

At GEMS Wellington Primary School, we welcome children with a range of learning preferences, including students of determination, gifted and talented and English Language Learners. Our department are committed to creating a ‘Team Around the Child’ with everyone working together to ensure that the child achieves the very best that they can. The Inclusion Team work closely with teachers, parents and external therapists to provide support in the most effective way, including in-class support and small group teaching outside of the classroom.

For each Student of Determination, their strengths and challenges are analysed and targets are set in order to move learning forward. We create strong links with external therapists so that the team are all working towards a shared goal. By maintaining these positive and open communicative relationships between WPS, parents and therapists, we support the child in their educational journey.

Children who need English Language support receive an on-entry assessment and observation so that we can establish their level of English and set targets for development. A structured scheme of work is delivered in small group sessions and feedback is given to the class teacher in order to ensure continuation of learning skills.

We understand that some children may have received a diagnosis before coming to school. We ask that on application to WPS, parents share full details of any special educational needs, individual education plans (IEPs) and any Educational Psychologist, Pediatric, or other specialist reports (e.g., Speech and Language or Occupational Therapy) if completed. Sharing educational history with WPS is essential so that staff can ensure an appropriate assessment of educational need, educational plan and resourcing is in place.  For further information about admissions, please refer to the Admissions Policy. 

WPS has separate policies for all the areas of:

GEMS Wellington Primary School has a whole school community approach which is led by an Inclusion Support Team which comprises the Principal, Head of Inclusion, Inclusion Champion, Inclusion Governor, Support Teachers, Learning Support Assistant, Student and a parent.


At WPS, the Inclusion Team are always looking for ways to improve the services and support that are offered to students and their families to ensure that they access the best possible facilities and curriculum. Our main development focus areas are training of the team in the implementation of targeted interventions, ensuring that teaching is aligned with the learning styles, interests and aptitudes of Students of Determination. We are also focused on developing strategies for supporting the learning of Arabic and Islamic for Students of Determination, creating an accessible curriculum through interactive learning.


WPS works in partnership with therapy centres to provide onsite occupational and speech and language therapy services which are convenient for parents, more effective for the students, as well as facilitate better opportunities for collaborative multi-disciplinary working and promotes inclusion. We also work closely with parents when choosing an external agency to support their family further.



Parent Testimonials

  • "I am happy and grateful for the understanding, support and cooperation of the WPS Inclusion Team. I could not wish for a better team to support my child throughout this journey and I am truly excited about our set objectives"


    Dr. Rania

    Parent of Year 5 Student

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