Extra Curricular Activities

We offer our students a rich variety of learning experiences and a wealth of opportunities, providing over 70 different extra-curricular activities (ECA's). We actively encourage our children to explore their interests and talents that go beyond the limitations of the classroom through the participation in our ECA programme at the end of the academic day. The ECAs run from 2.30pm-3.30pm Sunday to Wednesday and 1.30pm- 2.30pm on Thursday as the school day is shorter.


WPS offer both free teacher inspired ECAs, including teacher led ECAs with a small additional fee such as our hugely popular cooking, baking and science ECAs, as well as the additional fee paying services of ESM and delta learning. ECAs run on a termly basis over the course of three terms and on average run between 8-11 weeks per term. Enrollment for ECAs is on a first come first serve basis and the schedule will change per term.

ECAs are available at WPS from FS2 onwards. Our FS2 programme starts from the (second term only), offering a limited selection of fee paying ECAs including Ballet and Karate. FS2 children can participate in 1 activity per week.

For our year 1 children through to year 6 our children can participate in our full range of ECAs. Each child can select up to 2 teacher led activities and unlimited fee paying services provided by ESM & Delta. These ECAs are divided into age appropriate activities and separated into Key stages of learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

We believe in the importance of ECAs, learning is an adventure that will not only develop our children’s knowledge but also explore essential life skills, develop our children’s physical and emotional wellbeing through fun and competitive sports but we also challenge and inspire our children with competitive development. Innovation and technology is at the forefront of learning and we offer our rising stars the opportunity to fulfill their potential, enrich their educational experience inside and outside of the classroom environment, here are a few examples of our successful ECA programme.

The ECA programme at WPS also delivers early morning squad training sessions and open sessions for children across the year groups, this increases participation in sports and supports our philosophy that every child has the potential to be great.

STEAM Performing Arts 
Go Code (Y1 & Y2)  Production
 Green Planet (Y1 & Y2)  Dramarama
 Little Scientist (Y1 & Y2)  Choir
 Superhero Maths (Y2 only)  Music Hero's (Y2)
 Amazing Art (Y1 & Y2)  Dancing Diamonds (Y1 & Y2)
 Art Attack (Y1 & Y2)  Ukelele Club (Y5 & Y6)
 WPS Bake Off (Y1 & Y2)  I Like to Move it (Y3-Y6)
 Little Chef (Y1 & Y2)  
 Construction Club (Y1 & Y2)  Inclusive Fun Sports
 Coding & ICT (Y3 & Y4)  Sporting Superstars (Y1 & Y2)
 Super Scientist (Y3 & Y4)  Cricket (Y3-Y6)
 Get Crafty (Y3-Y6)  Fun Football
 Marvellous Maths (Y5 & Y6)  Fun Basketball
 Master Chef (Y3-Y6)  Netball (Y3-Y6)
 Origami (Y3-Y6)  Rounders (Y3-Y6)
 Ready Steady Cook Arabic Food (Y3-Y6)  Sporting Heroes (Y3-Y6)


Competitive Challenges & Development for KS2  Enterprise & Social Studies 
 Talking Titans - Debating (Y3-Y6)  Mind Champs (Y2 & Y3)
 Scholars Cup (Y5-Y6)  Eco Warriors (Y3)
 WPS Squad teams following DASSA calendar:  Mindfulness  & Wellbeing (Y3-Y6)
Swim squad  Quizie Kids (Y3-Y6)
Gymnastics squad  Young Philanthropist (Y4-Y6)
Touch Rugby  Advanced Chess (Y3-Y6)
Netball  Enterprise Club (Y3-Y6)
Rounders  Pick up a Poem (Y3-Y6)
Basketball  Scrabble (Y3-Y6)
   Team Challenges (Y1 & Y2)
 Arabic Language & & Islamic Studies  Champions - Games and Puzzles (Y1 & Y2)
 Art of Speech  
 Arabic Fun Art & Calligraphy  
 In the Garden of the Holy Qur'an  


ESM (Enhancing Lifestyle through Sport) and Delta are outside providers that contribute to our successful ECA program. Activities offered include:

  • Nutty scientist (Y1-Y6)
  • Phoenix Rising Yoga (Y1-Y6)
  • PSSA- Basketball (Y1-Y6)
  • UDO- street dance (Y4-Y6)
  • Premier Genie -STEAM & Olympiad competitions (Y2-Y4) (Y5&Y6)
  • Canon Junior Academy- Photography (Y4-Y6)
  • Absolute Gym – Gymnastics (Y1-Y6)
  • Budo Juku- Karate (FS2) (Y1-Y3) (Y4-Y6)
  • CF T tennis (Y1 &Y2) (Y3&Y6)
  • Football (Y1 &Y2) (Y3&Y6)
  • International Chess Centre (Y1-Y6)
  • Headway- Italian Mother tongue (Level dependent)
  • Turning Point – Ballet (FS2) (Y1) & Street Jazz (Y1-Y3)
  • Hamilton Aquatics (late sessions from 3.45pm)
  • Holiday Camps

Sample ECA Schedules 

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