GEMS Jewels of Kindness and Respect

The GEMS Jewels of Kindness & Respect initiative was developed to allow children to demonstrate empathetic qualities at both home and school.  At WPS, we encourage our students to grow and advance their interpersonal skills through showing all the qualities of kindness such as Respect, Empathy, Compassion and Helpfulness.  We have developed GEMS Jewels of Kindness & Respect as a means of encouraging students to think about being kind, and to demonstrate the four ‘Jewels’ of respect in their own home. 

In WPS, children are recognised weekly following nominations received from their class teachers. These nominations are based on acts of kindness in school that go above and beyond the expectations. Children receive the Jewels of Kindness camel to take home over the weekend and record their acts in the class book. They take part in acts of kindness in their home and are encouraged to share these experiences with their peers to spread the message that kindness is invaluable. 

Some of Our Jewels of Kindness Recipients

jewels  jewels 
 jewels  jewels

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