Leadership is about striving to become better than we are, and helping everything and everyone around us become better too

Student Leadership

We believe that student leaders play a very important role in the day-to-day organisation of our school. The leadership teams we have in place at WPS not only allow students the opportunity to model confident leadership, teamwork and responsibility, it also encourages our younger students to aspire and learn from their peers.

WPS offers a range of opportunities to play a role in the life of our school and we aim to develop every student’s leadership skills by offering them the chance to voice their opinions and to create the change they wish to see at WPS. Our leadership teams are a credit to our school and do a fantastic job representing us in the wider community.

  • House Captains



    Leaders of the four WPS houses (Jumeirah, Satwa, Safa & Creek) are elected in both Year 2 and Year 5 each academic year. Elected positions for each house are two Captains from each year group, totaling four for each house. Their responsibilities include helping to arrange inter-house competitions, communicating with students in their houses and being role-models of sportsmanship. Examples of these are when the House Captains led their teams out at Sports Day and collected prizes for the Tombola Stall for the International Fair. 

  • Student Council 

    Student Council representatives are voted for by their peers in each class throughout KS2. Each class has one representative that meets regularly to discuss a variety of topics including how to make the school a more enjoyable place, ways that will help their learning and wellbeing and to have a positive impact throughout the wider community. As Student Councillors, they are expected to show exemplary behaviour at all times and set a fantastic example to our younger students when conducting themselves around the school. The children have helped with various activities around the school, including ‘UAE National Day’, our ‘Road Safety Awareness Day’ and ‘Buckle-up’ and ‘Clean up the World’ campaigns.  

  • Eco Warriors


    The Eco Warriors committee are voted by their classmates to represent the school. The committee meets weekly to discuss, implement and review eco initiatives across the school that uphold our prestigious ‘Green Flag Award’ and WPSs status as an Eco School. As Eco Warriors, the children are expected to set an excellenty example with environmentally friendly choices and encourage their peers to do the same. The children have taken part in a ‘Clean Up the World’ campaign where they helped to clean up litter, they have created a vegetable garden at WPS which they continue to manage and they have encouraged students and teachers to save energy. Our next strategy is to implement recycling initiatives across the whole school. The Eco Warriors are a passionate group of leaders, who are enthusiastic about making changes to create an environmentally conscious community and to help to save the planet.

  • Year 6 Prefects

    The journey to become a prefect begins in Year 5. Children firstly put themselves forward for the position and present to their class. Successful candidates go through an interview process which includes the Head of School and Principal and  if successful they become a Year 6 Prefect. Prefects are first and foremost role models at WPS and the other children strive to become the next Prefect. The children have a number of responsibilities from organising and collecting tombola donations for the International Fair and promoting competitions and incentives, to helping with tours around the school. Every playtime the Prefects carry out a playtime duty ensuring all children are in the correct area and safe. They are always willing to give up their own time to go above and beyond and work hard to ensure they complete all tasks to the highest standard. The Year 6 Prefects are ambassadors of WPS and embed all of the GEMS core values.    

  • Year 3 Prefect Pals

    Prefect Pals are voted for and chosen by the children within each Year 3 class.The children are asked to vote for their classmates who demonstrate wonderful behaviour, impeccable manners and independence. The Prefect Pals then take on the all-important role of monitoring the behaviour of the year group when they move around the school at playtimes and during the important transitions between lessons. Prefect Pals give reward tokens to the children who act as fantastic role models in the way that they carry themselves around the school. At the end of the week, the tokens are collected and the winning class receives extra playtime, which the Prefect Pals proudly announce in assembly.

  • Young Philanthropists

    The Young Philanthropists of WPS are made up of children who have a keen philanthropic spirit and who care about making a difference in not only their school and local community, but for people in need globally. Over the past few years, the Young Philanthropists have worked closely with the charity Dubai Cares, taking part in projects and raising money to help young people affected by conflict and natural disasters get access to the schooling and resources they desperately need. In 2018 WPS won the ‘Dubai Cares Distinguished Philanthropic Award in Schools’ for our ‘Kindness in a Bottle’ project - a fantastic achievement!

  • Sports Leaders

    Physical activity and leadership skills are vital aspects of a young person’s development at any school. Sports Leaders at WPS apply for the role at the start of each academic year by writing a sporting experience letter stating why they think they would make an excellent candidate for the job and potential candidates are shortlisted and selected by the Physical Education Department. The role involves helping at the schools main sporting events such as Sports Days and fixtures which help to enhance their sporting knowledge and expertise.The Sports Leaders are given guidance on how to assist and encourage younger pupils during PE activities, lessons and playtimes and work in coordination with a member of the PE department throughout the school year. 

  • Year 2 Playground Pals

    Playground Pals are voted for within their classes in Year 2 at the beginning of each academic year. Each class nominates one boy and one girl, who show a caring nature and friendly personality. The main role of the Playground Pals is to integrate the Year 1 children onto the playground after their transition from Foundation Stage. Ensuring the children feel part of the school community is the main aim, through playing games and just being there to listen.The Playground Pals role is vital to maintaining good friendships both on and off the playground. An exciting new addition to the playground is our ‘Buddy Bench’. Chosen and painted by the Playground Pals, they now have the job of connecting with anyone sat on it, to highlight any children that could do with their support. 

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