Parent Testimonials

  • "Having our daughter attend FS1 at GEMS Wellington Primary School as opposed to a nursery is one of the best decisions we have made and a great preparation for the future. 

    We love the structure it gives her and we constantly experience acceleration in her learning. Being able to take specialist classes like Arabic, Swimming and Physical Education as well as going to the library have definitely broadened her horizons"


    Funkola Odeleye

    Mother of Oba Odeleye

  • "We were initially on the fence about applying to school for Naya knowing that she will be the youngest in her class if she were accepted. However, we also knew that keeping her in a nursery/daycare setting as the eldest there for an extra year will not be stimulating enough for her, and could be a precursor for behavioral issues. Naya has proven to us that starting school is all about readiness, not age. She fits really well in her class, loves her teachers and enjoys her daily routine there. We have seen her grow so much since she started school; she has gained confidence, learned to be more independent and developed friendships. We are so pleased that we applied for her when we did!"


    Sarah Zein

    Mother of Naya Zein

  • "My son Samuel attends GEMS Wellington Primary, therefore I am aware that it is an excellent education facility. Though we were aware of how amazing the program is, we still had our doubts when deciding on a program for my 2 year old daughter, Evelyn. My husband and I were not confident that she was ready to begin a school type atmosphere due to the long hours/number of days she would be required to attend. We took our time and visited a few daycare programs and spoke with the owners/caretakers. What we noticed in the daycare setting was that they lacked the educational structure that I was looking for. I knew that WPS provided a fun, structured environment that was focused on education.  We spoke with Evelyn regarding how she felt about attending WPS and she assured us that she was “ready” to go to school with her big brother! We couldn’t be happier with our decision to trust what she knew she could handle and with our decision to send her to WPS! She has learned so much and absolutely loves her class and her amazing teacher Miss Hussein and wonderful TA Mrs. Lynn. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent fun and educational environment for both of my children. Honestly, we couldn’t be happier!"


    Mrs Goysich

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